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Home Visits

Having speech pathology therapy at home has many benefits; aside from the convenience for families, children often feel comfortable at home, are less distracted and more "ready to learn".

In order to prepare for your sessions at home, take a moment to think about the role of speech therapy in your child's life. For example, some families prefer sessions to be "one-on-one", other parents and carers like to be to "nearby" but not directly involved in session activities and other families like to involve other siblings in therapy activities and make therapy and homework a family activity. Different approaches will work for different children. As you know your child and family dynamics best, we are happy to be flexible and deliver therapy in the environment you feel your child will benefit most.

We are happy to sit at a table for sessions, or if your child is very young it might be more appropriate to sit on the floor.

A few other things to consider....
While waiting for your Speechie to arrive, it is best not to let your child do something that you know will be very difficult to tear them away from (for example, watching TV or playing games on the ipad). Making your child stop something they LOVE is not usually the most productive start to a therapy session.
Minimise background noise and turn off the TV. Having music on or the TV on and in view (even on mute) can be very distracting for children.
Your Speechie will bring games and activities to use in the session, so if your child is distractible (as we all are at times) it might be a good idea to remove any other toys or distracting items.


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