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All of us need help in something at some point in our lives. If you and your child's support network approach speech therapy in a positive way, most likely, your child will as well. So, ask those around your child to be encouraging of your child's efforts and progress in speech therapy.
For children who are in day-care or school, keep Carers and Teachers informed on assessment results and therapy targets, that way they will know how to support your child and may even be able to incorporate some "speech homework" into your child's routine and this will help progress.
With your permission, your Speech Pathologist will be more than happy to discuss assessment results, therapy targets and strategies to use in the classroom with your child's Teachers.

The best outcomes are achieved when families and others within the child's support network are well informed, supportive of and involved in intervention. 

More Resources

The Speech Pathology Australia website has some useful information for the public, such as fact sheets and Medicare information

Information for families and others close to children with communication difficulties

Access to discussion groups, articles and resources related to a range of special needs

Online reading games and activities

Information and activities to help children learn to read

Information on methods of communication which can be used to supplement the more usual methods of speech and writing

not-for-profit autism specific service provider

Information and support for people with developmental disability, their families and carers

Information about research, therapy, support organisations, materials for kids who stutter

Free craft ideas and activities

Free printable resources for kids. Cute craft ideas and learning tools to use with children

Free behaviour and reward charts – Great for reinforcing speech homework!




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