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Apps To Try

Buzz doesn't have any financial or other interest in any of these apps, and we always recommend one-on-one attention for speech homework, reading etc. However there is also a time and place for technology and we have provided a list of educational apps to give you some ideas of where to start if your kids are interested.

*To locate the app, simply type the name into your preferred app store online or do a quick Google search to find the best price. Whilst we will try and keep these prices up to date, the prices stated are the prices at the time of publishing (May 2013) and may change. 

We love this app! It is aimed at children aged between 3 and 6 years. Children are introduced to letters and letter sounds. Children see the letter, hear the sound it makes and practise writing the letter by following an arrow with their finger to correctly form the letter. This app is great because it teaches the sound a letter makes when we say them in words and not the name of the letter. When children are learning to read, it is crucial that they know the letter sounds and including the letter name introduces too much information at once. The app works on iPhone and iPad and at $2.99 is a great tool for early readers!

Injini is a collection of 10 learning games aimed at young children, particularly toddlers and pre-schoolers with cognitive and fine motor delays. It would also be appropriate to use with older children who have a disability. These fun games aim to improve fine motor and language skills, understanding of cause and effect, spatial awareness, memory and visual processing. It can be used on iPad and costs $31.99.

ABC Reading Magic
The app aims to teach children some very important phonological awareness skills such as blending individual sounds together to form words, segmenting words into separate sounds and then reading. The blending and segmenting of words are critical skills for learning to read and spell. This app would be suitable for children in kindergarten and early primary school aged children. For only $0.99 it could be worth trying with your child!

Talking Tom
This is a very cute app; "Talking Tom" interacts with you and repeats what you say. This could be used as encouragement for children to practise their speech homework - Talking Tom will repeat it back in a funny voice! It's free and can be used with ipad, iphone and androids.

Quick Artic
If you're looking for a free App to practise the speech sounds we are working on in therapy, try "Quick Artic". Choose the target (for example, "s" at the beginning of words), then go through the pictures with your child. Can be used with ipad, iphone and androids.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
This app is great for toddlers and young children. It's a fun and rewarding way to learn about colour, numbers and practise memory recall. For use on ipdas and costs $0.99.

Model Me Going Places
Τηισ ισ α visual teaching tool that helps children and teenagers who have
autism or Asperger Syndrome navigate through social settings. The app offers six
settings; hairdresser, shops, doctor, playground, grocery store, restaurant, and
gives a series of steps that one would normally do in such a place. Text and audio
accompany each slide. For use on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Story kit is an electronic storybook. The app enables the user to write and record
stories, or even create a talking photo album. Users may upload their own
images, draw pictures to go into the story, and record narration. The app also comes
with four classic stories, including "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks
and the Three Bears". It would be suitable for children of all ages. For use on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Vocal Zoo
This app lets children experience the sounds and sights of a zoo by choosing an animal and playing its sound. Pick from 69 different animals and can play them individually or in a chorus. Fun and engaging for young kids. For use on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Peekaboo Barn
A cause-and-effect app that teaches children motor skills like swiping, tapping and anticipation. Children open the barn by tapping the screen, and they hear the animal's name (in English or in Spanish) as well as the sound it makes, great fun for toddlers. It costs $1.99 and can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Speech with Milo: Verbs
This is a great little tool for teaching children verbs and keeping them engaged while they learn. Milo the Mouse "performs" a variety of actions, so that children can learn new verbs without traditional flashcards. It costs $2.99 and can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

Turn Taker
This app was developed by a behaviour analyst with 10 years' experience
with children with autism. The app teaches children how to take turns. Caregivers set a time limit for each turn, then a finger image and a "Your turn/My turn" voice indicate when each child's turn is up. It costs $2.99 and can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.



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