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We can provide comprehensive, standardised and/or informal communication assessments for children from birth to 18 years of age. The assessment can serve as a one-off service or as a starting point for speech pathology intervention.

Assessments can be used for diagnosis of communication difficulties, determining if speech therapy is required or to provide an indication of your child's communication development.

We are able to administer the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – Fourth Edition (CELF-4). This is the main diagnostic tool used by all speech pathologists and is recognised by the Department of Education. This assessment is necessary to determine a student's eligibility for funding of extra support through the Department of Education.

To find out what to expect and how to get ready for an assessment click here.

We provide speech pathology intervention on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or less frequent basis - depending on your child's needs. We also provide carry-over "speech homework" for you to do with your child in between sessions. Therapy can be short term or on-going. As part of the service, we can work with the child's family and teachers to keep them informed and up to date with your child's goals and progress.


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