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What is a Speech Pathologist?

Speech pathologists are university educated professionals with specific expertise in the development of communication skills and disorders of speech, language and swallowing that occur across the lifespan.

Who needs Speech Pathology?

Anyone with a communication difficulty. This includes problems with speech, using and understanding language, voice, reading, writing or hearing.

What Causes Communication difficulties?

Some causes include hearing loss, neurological disorders, brain injury, intellectual disabilities, drug abuse, physical impairments such as cleft lip or palate. Frequently, however, the cause is unknown.

What areas does the mobile service cover?

We offer services in and around ACT. When we can, we will see clients outside of ACT, such as in Jerrabomberra or Queanbeyan.

How long does speech therapy take?

The length of time a client will need therapy for depends on a number of factors; the severity and extent of the issue, the "readiness" of that client to learn new skills, the frequency of practise of the new skill. Everyone is different and learns at a different pace. We use evidence based practise to ensure that we are doing our best to make sure that therapy is as effective and efficient as possible.

Where do I start?

To make an appointment just give Larissa a call or email. You do not need a Doctors referral to see a Speech Pathologist. We will ask for some general information about your concerns and contact details and we will arrange an appropriate time for the appointment. Buzz is a "mobile" service and will visit your home or your child's school to deliver speech pathology services.

What should I expect?

Your first session or two will mainly be aimed at getting to know you and your child, completing speech pathology assessment, discussing results of assessment and deciding on the most appropriate course of action.

What happens after the assessment?

Depending on the assessment results, your child may require on-going therapy or only a few therapy sessions. Your Speech Pathologist will discuss this with you. When beginning speech therapy, we generally recommend weekly therapy sessions. We can also offer fortnightly or monthly sessions, depending on what is most appropriate for you and your child. Therapy sessions are usually 50 minutes long and we will visit you at home or your child's school for these sessions.

Will I need to do anything in between therapy sessions?

Your Speech Pathologist will set homework to help achieve your child's speech pathology goals. Completing speech therapy homework is very important for your child's progress. Communication is like learning any new skill, it takes regular practise!



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